Uno Cero Cero

I have now learnt to use that phrase very judiciously. I would have used it two years back, if you had told me that I would open a blog. And here I am writing my 100th post! Yaaayy!
Thank you, thank you (in advance, for all the congratulating comments :) )

There are a few posts that gave me great joy while writing and I happen to like them even now as I read them. So, here are my favorites - for those who came late to my blog, for people on bench with great taste, for people whose managers are on a long vacation and those who have to read a post for the second time to get motivated to leave a comment :)
American GaadegaLu - This post got published in Vijaya Karnataka (with no reference to me) as a forward from some reader (this post still amuses me, apart from teaching a lesson on copyright protection)
A few funny incidents, without such, life would be so dull - Howz it goin'? A What? Reducing Prices
A trip down the memory lane posts like Pens and Cut Cut Cut
Stories like Auto Manja and Why he felt miserable
India's Contribution To World Cinema - Thanks to all those who added to this list by commenting
Humor & Oversensitivity
Allenified - I admire Woody Allen a lot, but for all you people who keep telling "you are just like him", I would say - I dont have red hair, I dont wear glasses, I am not well read, I am not seeing a shrink and I am not having affairs with tall women :)
Forgetting Names
On The Same Page

Some unwanted analysis like these that I cannot not do:
Tell me your mail id
A picture is worth a thousand words
The Difference

Crime Diary - This showed me the power of internet, within a week it was all around the globe.
My first country Song - Volcano Girl - A song that is very close to my heart, I even made a few friends because of this song :)

I have been thinking of writing more on the movies I watch, in fact I wanted to start a new blog on movies. Most of the movies I see fall under "No comments" or "Dont care" categories. The others are real gems, very close to me, that I feel too scared to write about them (its the same level of awkwardness you feel if you are asked to write an essay on your mom, while you can easily write an essay on cow or pollution :D) Most of my friends say that I cannot have a decent conversation for five minutes without referring to a movie. I understand their predicament, so not sure if I want to scare away the few readers I have got. More than anything, I still have not got that real kick, so till then my movie blog is on hold.

Blogging gives me great pleasure. But equally satisfying is getting to know different people, alternate views, the attention, compliments, criticisms (and of course being so greedy about comments!)

As Mark Twain once said, "It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech" - I had been thinking what to write for this post from a few weeks :D

P.S: I have used at least 5 subtle mind techniques to induce people to comment. How many did you notice? Which one did you like the most? Let me know ;)


  1. shark said...
    This was simply an amazing post :)
    The best way to mark your 100 :)

    I have already commented on the posts that I really liked :)
    krupa said...
    You forgot to mention(read thank) the person who pestered you to open a blog!!! Talk about snobbery!
    rk said...
    congrats on a well deserved 100!

    Blogging gives me great pleasure.
    reading blogs (such as this) gives me more pleasure than blogging. :)

    continue to write many more wonderful posts.
    best wishes

    ps: thanks for your appreciative comments on my blog.
    Bit Hawk said...
    Is there anything that pleases a blogger more than getting a comment on his post? Yes, getting a comment on his previous posts. Thanks a lot! :)

    This is my revenge for you not giving hyperlink to my name in your posts ;)

    Thanks for the compliments, means a lot coming from a blogger like you. Hope I write well enough one day to appear in your comic series :D
    Pavan said...
    congrats! party? (cant come out of my pseudo-Hyderabadi behavior)
    Venu said...
    Congratulazioni per il completamento 100 posti:)

    Mi aspetta una trattare in Sindabad una volta che ritorno da SF

    I am hoping the reverse translation works well in Google Translate :)
    Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...
    V.belated congrats on the 100th post. Hope to emulate you some day. Re. movies, you should definitely write about them on this blog. That way, lazy people like me will not have to remember to click on another link. Also saw that you had 'Pulp Fiction' - what's your favorite line from that movie? I could probably recite that movie line for line.

    Bit Hawk said...
    Treat? Anytime (in my typical Bangalore style - as you know most people cant reach me with those traffic jams :D)

    Google Translator worked like a charm. It tells:
    "Congratulations on 100 posts. I will treat you in Sindbad once you come back from SF" ;)

    I would definitely write about movies sometime in future. Even I know Pulp Fiction line by line. My favorite is always Ezekiel 25:17 by Samuel Jackson!
    Bikerdude said...
    Khannnngrrratulations sar. Glad I landed here on your 100th :)

    Now busy reading all the posts that you mentioned in this one! Awesome stuff :)

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